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Featured On The Martha Stewart Living Blog

The Peapack Mitten Company is proud to be featured on the Martha Stewart Living blog!

“Last year, my aunt gave me a pair of embroidered mittens from Peapack Mitten Company for Christmas. Two winters later, they are still my must-have accessory when it’s chilly outside. Made from 100% wool and lined with Polarfleece, they are the warmest mittens I’ve ever owned. (That’s saying a lot, considering I grew up in Canada!)”

“Roberta Hummel, the owner of Peapack Mitten Company, designs every pair of mittens herself. The 100% wool exterior comes from old sweaters Roberta finda at resale shops. “I love being able to take something that was nothing, like a discarded old sweater, and turn it into something that brings so much pleasure to people,” says Roberta.”